Wednesday, June 24, 2009

paliament presidents house (frm bak side)

oneday i went to thala centre to tak sum pics... while i was waitin outside for a taxi i saw dis buildin n wanted to snap a shot...n i thoat frm bak o frnt it wont matter...haha!

ma second fav flower

i dono weder im artistic o creative...wen i was in 3rd standard ma teacher asked to draw a map n mine was de best among de class :D.... i dont draw much in after sumtimes drawin became ma passion, i bought all de media of colors: oli color, poster color, water color, oil pastels, water color pencils, all types n sizes of brushes n i spent day n nite wit colors...hehe

i used to do oil paintin of sceneries on tiles, collect corals n shells paint it n decor ma room :D
n then i started to draw in computers, i was usin potoshop, illustrator, coraldraw, flash n 3Dmax n Autocad i was more inrested in 2D n PS became ma fav software indeed ma teacher says im better than him to use PS...n everyone at LAB also says im a expert :D ... for me wat i hav learnt is nt enuf, hav more to learn....posted here r de drawings i did at de beginin of ma career as a nw im too lazy n doin it only as a job.....even if i hav to draw sumtin i jus trace a pic......=)