Sunday, May 2, 2010

macurrent wallpaper

I am usually not an early bird. But I always wish to get up early and start my day with a fresh smile. Somehow I do get my wish done like thrice in a month. And there on a day like that I cleaned up the mess on my desktop and felt to change the wallpaper. So I created this picture using the colours of nature the eye-easy green and blue, natures most used colour, along with a message applies to all of us “ If you try to be something you are not, you will end up doing nothing” :) And my mind didn’t allow me to finish it without adding the colours of rainbow though it looks a sunny day. This picture sends my memory back to childhood days. The days we enjoyed the beauty of nature, running around the greenery like free birds without any thinking, catching the Butterflies caging it in bottles and hurting it just for fun….hehe…I really miss those days…:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

first think abt us :)

Sometimes it is a burden even to think about this, to see some people concerning on others life too much. Why do we have we have to justify our life styles due to social concern. We have every right to shape our lifestyle our profession and our future, but of course within limits. We don’t have to do something because our friends, family, neighbors or the people in our society is doing it. Everyone in this earth is unique with a different personality, so we should not expect to see common ways of life from everyone.
I really can’t understand what’s wrong with some people. It seems that they have nothing to do apart from considering others lives. I am sure no one will have time for such things if they are responsible on their duty………

Monday, October 19, 2009

Do u really believe in love???

I really dont knw the meanin of luv. I have heard dat "v wud fel in luv wit only n once in lifetime". I totally disagree wit it. wen v r in a relationship v r so attached wit our partner and it wud b difficult for us to feel de absence. Once the relation is over v do forget everythin. It mite take sumtime to fade de memories bt wen v catch a glimpse of another person it definetly make to forget de past. wel i dint say dis happen to everyones life...this is accordin to ma experience includin me n sum of ma friends :P

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I wanna run faraway to a place where no one can discover
Coz I don’t belong to dis ppl,
I wil never be,
I thought the branches of history is over
Though I was wrong, and it will never end

I have come across enough pain and its killin me deep inside
I must find de door to escape Yet dint succeed wit it, bt I hope for de best
I was annoyed, bothered, troubled, distressed and betrayed
The disheartening moments and the bitter memories will never fade

I cant bear this, bear this any longer
No matter how,I got to find ma way soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's a wing just waiting for a chance
And a yellow blossom on a garden
There's a warm wind blowin' 'round the bend
And the days are growin' long again
I've been down for too long baby
And I've been up all nightI know it,
I hear itI think maybe it's gonna be all right
If I smile at you and you smile, too
Soon there’ll be others like me and you,
Let’s send a giggle around the world
To every boy and girl.
If I plant a tree and you do, too
Soon there’ll be others like me and you
Tree by tree and stream by stream
Help the earth stay green.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

paliament presidents house (frm bak side)

oneday i went to thala centre to tak sum pics... while i was waitin outside for a taxi i saw dis buildin n wanted to snap a shot...n i thoat frm bak o frnt it wont matter...haha!

ma second fav flower

i dono weder im artistic o creative...wen i was in 3rd standard ma teacher asked to draw a map n mine was de best among de class :D.... i dont draw much in after sumtimes drawin became ma passion, i bought all de media of colors: oli color, poster color, water color, oil pastels, water color pencils, all types n sizes of brushes n i spent day n nite wit colors...hehe

i used to do oil paintin of sceneries on tiles, collect corals n shells paint it n decor ma room :D
n then i started to draw in computers, i was usin potoshop, illustrator, coraldraw, flash n 3Dmax n Autocad i was more inrested in 2D n PS became ma fav software indeed ma teacher says im better than him to use PS...n everyone at LAB also says im a expert :D ... for me wat i hav learnt is nt enuf, hav more to learn....posted here r de drawings i did at de beginin of ma career as a nw im too lazy n doin it only as a job.....even if i hav to draw sumtin i jus trace a pic......=)